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Secure Business Fax to Email service

Viaspec Fax to Email allows businesses in the UK to obtain a geographic, non-geographic or to port an existing fax number on to our fax platform (01, 02, 03, 07, 0800 or 0844 numbers).  The Viaspec Fax to Email service works by receiving all your faxes then automatically converting them to PDF format which is then instantly forwarded to an email address of your choosing.

Number options available:

Any UK Area code: 01 and 02 numbers.

Geographic Numbers: 0300, 0330, 0870, 0871, 0872, 0844, 0843, 0800, 0808.

International Fax to Email numbers: USA, Canada, South Africa, Germany, Hong Kong and much more.


Benefits of Fax to Email

  • Secure, Confidential and Green solution
  • Choice of Numbers (01,02,03, 0800, 0844 etc.)
  • Retain your existing fax numbers
  • No need for a dedicated fax line rental
  • Receive your fax anywhere, by email to your PC, mobile phone or through your dedicated online portal
  • Administer your organisation's fax and receiving email address online
  • Eliminates the need for purchasing toners, maintenance contracts and paper
  • Your fax line is never engaged - receive simultaneous faxes
  • Each employee or branch office can have their own dedicated fax line
  • Reduce the cost associated with receiving SPAM faxes
  • Option to add Business Hosted VoIP to make cheap calls to landlines, mobiles and international destinations
  • Take the number with you when you move office, it's your number after all!

Pricing: £6.50 per month or £65 per annum (12 months for the price of 10 offer). Excludes VAT.

To sign up for a new or to port an existing fax number, call us on 0203 434 1500 or click here to enquire.