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National Ethernet

National Ethernet is a high quality, high bandwidth and scalable Layer 2 Ethernet protocol Wide Area Networking (WAN) service. National Ethernet can be provided in either a Site-to-Site or hub-and-spoke topology.

In comparison and as an alternative to traditional leased lines, National Ethernet is cost-effective for solutions requiring bandwidths of 2Mb/s or more. It offers a lower price per Mbps than leased lines, Frame and ATM services and the service interfaces straight into existing LAN switches or router equipment, unlike traditional data services, resulting in a reduced total cost of ownership.

Applications of National Ethernet

The need for National Ethernet could arise in a variety of circumstances including:

  • Connection of IP PBXs between sites
  • Need to extend LAN network
  • Need to provide WAN connectivity for business CRM, ERP etc
  • Remote site connectivity to centralised servers
  • A need to consolidate 3 classes of service (voice, data, video) on a network
  • Cost effective alternative to traditional leased line and Frame, ATM services etc

Benefits of National Ethernet

  • Stringent Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Simplicity in implementation
  • Hub and Spoke or Point-to-Point solution
  • 24/7 Dedicated Expert Support and Monitoring
  • Cost effective – lower cost per Mbps when compared to traditional leased lines
  • Scalable up to 1Gbps

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