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Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) IP VPN

A Single Network for all your Voice, Data and Video Applications!

So what is MPLS IP VPN?12

MPLS IP VPN (Multi Protocol Label Switching Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network) is a cost-effective data networking service with four classes of service (CoS) that allows for unified communications to be transmitted securely and at faster speeds.  Our MPLS IP VPN combines the flexibility in connectivity and any-to-any scalability of IP-based services with the security, privacy and quality of ATM and frame relay services.

How MPLS works

MPLS is an initiative which integrates Layer 2 information about network links into Layer 3 IP within an autonomous system in order to simplify and improve the exchange of IP packets.

Benefits of MPLS IP VPN

  • Ensures consistent, interruption-free network performance
  • MPLS IP VPN has built in security - it does not require encryption or firewall
  • Bandwidth prioritisation – MPLS IP VPN allows you to manage the amounts of bandwidth allotted to various types of traffic, thus giving priority to your most important applications
  • Scalable multiple access options
  • MPLS IP VPN solutions deliver worldwide fully meshed MPLS-enabled IP VPN networks covering hundreds of towns and cities in dozens of countries. The result is business connectivity that enables interaction with remote offices, business partners and customers, regardless of location or business applications in use
  • MPLS encapsulation and switching provides superior performance over Internet-based CPE IP VPNs
  • Prevents critical applications from failing due to congestion on the network
  • Bandwidth scalability
  • MPLS IP VPN offers an adaptable network topology. Easily manage your growing business when it needs to add locations or change the flow or type of communication between locations, all without the hassle of ordering, provisioning and managing complex virtual Layer 2 circuits
  • Optional Internet over MPLS
  • Offers cost effective Private Broadband Access
  • Resilience options include: Ethernet, Private Access Broadband, Leased Lines and ISDN backup
  • MPLS IP network built to rigorous live broadcast standards
  • Dedicated UK-based support 24/7, 365 days a year

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